Monkey Grounds Coffee.


Monkey Grounds Coffee, 2 weeks old!


Are you a vegan and coffee maniac? Are you looking for a place to study, relax and chill with your friends?

There’s a perfect place for you in Iloilo City, naturist will love the interior, woody but non rustic, the inside is cool with smell of holiday, a cozy place to mimic the breakfast at tiffany’s story, sound of city cars and morning rush is perfect for your starting the urban day right with the sunlight shines from the east, this place is perfect for your morning instagram update. #monkeygroundscoffee.

Breakfast sandwiches with different options of bread.


Vegan and coffee hoppers would love the drinks and the food, from tea and coffee to the sandwiches and pasta. One simple meal got me full, terrific cook and cool staff and a very polite owner. I got a chance have chat to the owner who happens to be a relative of my good friend, he and his wife planned it all along, her wife is a vegetarian and they owned the place that has been abandoned for many years now, who could’ve guess that they can turn this place from a lonely building to a jumping monkey? The classic rich kids hideout, the smarty-pants library and the place where goodvibe is spread like gossip.

Enjoy your day!

#food #coffee #tea #feature #monkeygroundscoffee #iloilocity #newcafé


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