FRUSTRATION: Starting A Photography

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” – Ansel Adams

Photography is a common interest of people, but this usually only works for people with deeper story, complex or twisted ideas and broader imaginary story. Many dreamed to become one but only few has got what it takes to stay in business, if you’re in photography business you can be a lot, a photographer, a designer, a blogger, a model and an artist, this craft doesnt only feed our artistry but also opens our mind to a newer dimension of ideas, concepts and stories, it’s a passion that creates boundaries between our world and the world we wish to become.

Nowadays DSLR, smartphones and iPhones are common equipment one can posses, everyone can dream to become an artist of their own styles and we thought it’s that easy to create these memories in flat square or rectangular box filled with people, places, events or even moments we want to keep.

My experience is not ideal. The day I bought my very first DSLR Camera (NIKON D3100 + 18-55 MM Zoom Lens) is one of the best day of my life, the enthusiasm of the day I can start calling myself a photographer has began, the time where people could patronize at my ideas has started but then I realized I’m wrong, I felt really discouraged of how it happened, turns out that my journey to greatness in a field I wished to be is yet to come, I never thought it could be this hard to firstly use the camera, find a good light and find a place to shoot. No one has mentioned hard work and frustration but now that I found out the challenge and thrill in this fielf is the more I found myself thinking that these ideas can still be amplified into a whole new level of hardwork and passion. It’s hard to be someone you never thought to become, someone who struggles and someone who ask for help for something they thought they’re good at.

Practice does really make someone perfect, presently I’m still learning and I came to a realization that photography can be analogous to life, it’s a never ending process of learning, expirement and failure but it’s up to you to define the process, either you keep on complaining how hard it is or you complain and at the same time ask yourself “What am I gonna do next?”

Here are some of my “amateur” shot:


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