Dinagyang 2017: Ghost of the Party


Dinagyang is one of the biggest festivals in the Philippines, celebrated every 3rd sunday of January in the Island of Panay, Iloilo City, PH. It’s a tradition that honors Señor Santo Nino (Baby Jesus). Each and every year a competition is held to create a bigger mass excitement, it’s a competition that show us back the stories of the past, myths and famous iloilo legend; dinagyang has created a huge stillness of entertainment, not only to honor the saint but to also show the culture and traditions we celebrate.




It has contributed a lot to the region from tourist attraction to the perspective of fun and adventure. Everybody is happy with the competition, street dancing, merry making, beauty pageants, concerts and ofcourse the food festivals; every corners of the Iloilo shows the abundance of the never ending love, after all Iloilo has the City of Love title that entails not only the people but the city itself which literally creates a vibration LOVE and atmosphere of laughters, happiness and element surprise

Everybody asks for more and this festival wouldn’t end until the end of night which usually ends up with stampede’s and claustrophobic streets but everybody seemed to be okay and not notice it, no problem, I guess it’s how that works as long as everybody enjoys.

You should try and check us next year, I guarantee there’s more to it than what I know.

Have a good life!



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