Top 10: Movies that’s good for the brain

Everybody has their own lists of everything, it may be movies, songs or person. Creating a list is dangerous because of our differences but it can also be very healthy since we are the leaders of our own will we tend to put things into numbers of the least and the most things we enjoy, to start the year right I would list first the most usual form of entertainment: movies, I will add a little spice to create an open conversation of what’s not and what is; the brain is the busiest part of our body, it’s the part of our body that process everything from our bones to our muscles so its only important that we take care of it.

Here is my list of movies that’s good for the brain.

10. Gone Girl


This movie was based on a best selling novel of Gillian Flynn from June 2012. A story of messed up relationship because of infedility and insecurity, a story of revenge and realization, a crazy antagonist with reasons and an open minded protagonist. Both of them are writers so one should expect a wide ideas of life, death and experiences.

9. Concussion

Dr. Beneth Omalu is an ordinary patholgist with a great mind. This based on real events film uncovers the dangers of one sport (football) which leads a big riff between The Doctor and big company that host the said game, it’s an eye opener for those who aspire to be big one in said field to be very extra careful and accept whatver consequences they may face in the later time. The movie will elaborate the research which can amplify your knowledge about concussion.

8. Side Effect


The Oceans Eleven Director Steven Soderbegh created another film that’ll leave your jaw open until the end of the film, a film where you brain will run faster than the movie investigating what was it and what will be. 2013 psychological film starring Jude Law and Rooney Mara will keep you asking question, It is a story of a Psychiatrist who attends to a woman diagnosed of a suicidal mental condition a story of determination and revelation. A must watch film.

7. Lucy


Sci-fiction movie, starring the sexiest Scarlett Johansson, one of her best movie before Under the Skin, an ordinary student that got involved in drug trafficking because of the man he trusts, she was used to carry a new drug that can enhance the users cerebral capacity and max it to 100% which the scientist found to be impossible, research and interpretations are done in this movie a highly elaboration of facts about human brain and story of a girl never expected such.

8. Joy


An ordinary girl that got lost in life, she was the breadwinner of her family before her journey to her dreams started, Jennifer Lawrence did an awesome job to portray a role of a desperate and talented woman, a must watch movie to those whose interests falls on sales and pitching.

6. Theory of Everything


Stephen Hawkins is one of the people walked on earth with high intellectual qoutient, he’s one of those you wanna aspire, his story is as inspiring as his condition, it’ll show you both his emotional and intellectual history, many of us asked if he’s even human because of his capacity to analyze more than an average brain. A story of a husband, scientist, father and dreamer.

5. Wolf of the Wallstreet


This is one of the best movie of Leonardo Di Caprio, 9/10. Story of a just man that learned a lot with influencial people, people he passed by and people he considered friend and foe; A movie that shows reality of business venture, the highs and lows, the successes to failures, the regrets and choices.

4. Cloud Atlas


If you’ve watch this film million times and still not get it then I suggest to open a book and start reading more, this movie is combination of time paradox and butterfly effect. I’d rather not summaries the plot just watch it and I suggest to never get your eyes off the screen, its one of those movie that’ll leave you with hundreds of question before you understand the storyline.

3. Seven Psychopaths


A story of a writer and an actor. A psychopath with a heart I should say, it’ll make us think and ask: Psychopaths supposed to have no feelings no matter what or who it may be, whats wrong with this movie? starring the most gorgeous Irish I’ve seen: Collin Farrell. This movie gained a lot of good reviews and awards.

2. Silver Linings Playbook


Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper’s chemistry is ugh! A guy that sufferred depression and got rehab met a girl with a messy history. No other words to say but man you found a new anthem!  It received eight Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay.

1. The Big Short


All star cast film, that will help you amplify your knowledge in numbers, an interpretative version of a documentary that talks about the risks of entering the world of financial system. The film is noted for the unconventional techniques it employs to explain complex financial instruments. It also showed an eloborative diagrams and flows of the US financial and housing market.

I hope you liked it,

Thank you.


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