Alapasco Lake, Batad, Iloilo

Happy Camper: Alaspasco Lake, Batad, ILO, PH

The title is based on activities of the millenials, nowadays the best part of life is the most memorable and unplanned travels.

This is a Dam that people of the place turned into a campsite for travelers whose looking for great view and mountain atmosphere.


Located at Batad, Iloilo. The is the old dam that’s now called “ALAPASCO LAKE”. People are coming from different parts of Panay to experience the “water and mountain meets” feels; aside from the scene services are also available to feed you interests and excitement.


If you’re a traveller from Iloilo City, you dont need a huge amount to reach the destination; from Iloilo City you can ride a bus (ceres) or van according to where you’re comfortable with for only Php 150.oo thats to Batad, Iloilo once you arrive you just have to negotiate with the motorcycle driver the fare going to the campsite, simple as that.


We’re supposed to find a place a place for a photoshoot with good lighting and we found it yay! Good thing no permits needed, Ha!

Check out the photos:

I hope I gave you something to think about. Ciao!

Good Day!


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