Street and Denim

Street photography has been my favorite because it’s raw, the beauty in rust and mess is incredibly mesmerizing aside from the fact that it shows the real deal of life, it also allows us to keep these stolen memories. It’s often captured with dark hues, harsh light, high contrast or black and white. These portraits has 4 dimensions: 1. Rust 2. Raw 3. Mess and 4. Beauty.

Each photographer has their own interpretation of their photos, each one has concept and ideas, It’s always the reflection of the person behind the camera that makes a photograph interesting, to some it can be good or bad, some even ignore the manifestation of emotions, they only look at subjects, most people always forget about the details and accent so since I said that here’s an example.

I wanna share the second set of photos that will be added to my portfolio.



Thank you.


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