The Minimal


“Have less but be more.”

Japan has been well known for being the country with a minimal perspective, it’s one of the best traits I admire about japanese, they live a simple life but inside the city they got more than what the eye can see, it’s their lifestyle that really got me into.

Their art, their food, the beauty and their economy. It’s blinding always their motto of having less but being more, it makes me wanna be one of them.

Street and Denim

Street photography has been my favorite because it’s raw, the beauty in rust and mess is incredibly mesmerizing aside from the fact that it shows the real deal of life, it also allows us to keep these stolen memories. It’s often captured with dark hues, harsh light, high contrast or black and white. These portraits has 4 dimensions: 1. Rust 2. Raw 3. Mess and 4. Beauty.

Each photographer has their own interpretation of their photos, each one has concept and ideas, It’s always the reflection of the person behind the camera that makes a photograph interesting, to some it can be good or bad, some even ignore the manifestation of emotions, they only look at subjects, most people always forget about the details and accent so since I said that here’s an example.

I wanna share the second set of photos that will be added to my portfolio.



Thank you.

#OOTD: Red Flannel and Olive

Red Flannel: Forever 21, Basic White T-Shirt: H&M, Olive Pants: G2000, Shoes: Milanos


Moon can turn blue but never to happen that hipster dies, fashion is always interesting. Whether people like it or not hipsters just recreate and innovate itself from years to century. Hipsters plan a way to make their statements mainstream from their walk (fashion) to their talk (words).

Hipsters didnt miss any era of our worlds existence. Famous hipsters are known all over the world because is not just an identity to them, it’s art, emotion, personality and attitude. I once read in an article that there are two types of hipsters in the world:

The Hipster Creator – These are those who speaks their emotions through the skirt or denim they wear, they are artists because they create motions of fabrics (methaporically) and proper positioning of watches to their flannels, they dont just look at colors, they dig deep to contrasts and compliments, they also dont run to what’s new, they travel from the past to future and these are the people I admire, people who isnt afraid/ashamed of what would people say to them, people who always make their own canvass a pleasure to thier eyes rather than catching an eye.

The Hipster Consumer: These are the lazy copycats, they can be analoguous to a sketch of an amateur it can be good or it can be bad, they just go with the cue of nature, people who says “That looks good, let me try to find one.” Don’t get me wrong but that’s why they’re called the consumer, they consume whats already there and flap it like a wings for attention.

I mean nowadays this is how subculture works, it dominates the society and eventually becomes culture; consumption can rebrand and grow and stay but origin cant be denied its plaque.

It’s always up to the person though, as to what they believe in. No offense, its good but I’ve seen it somewhere.