The Minimal


“Have less but be more.”

Japan has been well known for being the country with a minimal perspective, it’s one of the best traits I admire about japanese, they live a simple life but inside the city they got more than what the eye can see, it’s their lifestyle that really got me into.

Their art, their food, the beauty and their economy. It’s blinding always their motto of having less but being more, it makes me wanna be one of them.

Street and Denim

Street photography has been my favorite because it’s raw, the beauty in rust and mess is incredibly mesmerizing aside from the fact that it shows the real deal of life, it also allows us to keep these stolen memories. It’s often captured with dark hues, harsh light, high contrast or black and white. These portraits has 4 dimensions: 1. Rust 2. Raw 3. Mess and 4. Beauty.

Each photographer has their own interpretation of their photos, each one has concept and ideas, It’s always the reflection of the person behind the camera that makes a photograph interesting, to some it can be good or bad, some even ignore the manifestation of emotions, they only look at subjects, most people always forget about the details and accent so since I said that here’s an example.

I wanna share the second set of photos that will be added to my portfolio.



Thank you.

Island Hop: The Northern Aesthetic

Ajuy, Iloilo Island Hop and More.

I am privileged for the opportunity given to me by the Municipality of Ajuy , Tourism Office  to take photos of their Islands. A great experience indeed.

Good view for here to there is what I’ve witnessed it’s like re-watching Moana the Philippines version (what?) Anyway, I wanna show you photos I’ve taken. This Gallery contains random photos and people I am with. A great experience for someone starting photography.

From Culasi Port, we hopped in the Bantay Dagat pump boat to start the adventure, waves are smashing that time but we never let that stop us from creating an iloilo experience summer story. taking these photographs is a struggle though, I just hope you lie the outcome. (laughs)

First stop Nasidman Island to buy TABAGAK (dried fish) and fresh fish. It’s always better with fresh, from an Urban guy who always get pork, beef and chicken, we seldomly taste this kind of food which we always crave about.


This is just the first part of our adventure, stay tune! I’ll be posting part 2 of this blog when I finish with post-process. Ciao!

Hope you enjoyed it!